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Custom Wardrobes

Wardrobes with door made to measure

If you're looking for a custom wardrobe, look no further than ''. Why have an ordinary wardrobe or closet when you can convert a whole room, or part of a room, into a dedicated wardrobe that you can physically walk into?

With these Custom Wardrobes you have the opportunity to see all your clothes, shoes and dressing accessories on view, instantly, in one convenient place.

Modular Wardrobes

Based on a modular system, these incredible wardrobe systems can be designed and created to suit your individual requirements.

With shelves, cupboards, and drawers, you can create the ideal clothes storage solution for you. Floor to ceiling.

Lack of end panels

Practicalities aside, this wardrobe furniture make beautiful pieces of furniture and will enhance any bedroom.

Made from high quality materials and embodying beautiful Italian, bedroom furniture design, the sleek lines of these clever built in wardrobes are emphasised by the clever and totally unique, concealed shelf support system.

This concealed support mechanism, combined with a lack of end panels, makes the shelves and the rest of the furniture look simplistic, elegant and graceful.

No restriction

These wardrobes are available in three luxurious finishes. Choose from Oak, Chocolate Wood and Cotton White, or if you wish, combine finishes to good effect.

For example, you could compliment Cotton White back panels with contrasting Chocolate Wood shelves, fitments and drawers. Doors and drawer fronts are available with solid or glazed panels. This means that not only can you achieve the ideal storage configuration for your needs, but also the ideal look too.

In fact the good looks of the furniture, combined with its multitude of accessories and modular flexibility, means that this furniture need not be restricted to the bedroom. The theme can be continued through into the hallway, dining room or even the living room.

Dressing tables

Add made to measure matching dressing table to complete the bedroom walkin wardrobe

Some people are looking for extra hanger space, and some people are looking for more space for their folded clothes. Whatever your needs, there is a wardrobe for you. Most bedroom furniture only has limited space as they usually serve other functions, so the bulk of your clothing will need to be stored elsewhere. Storage beds can provide great under bed storage, but it is not really practical to use them on a day to day basis.

Some furniture, like bedside cabinets, are not designed to store clothing at all. Designed to sit by the bed hold all of your non clothing items these function as a nightstand and usually only have a very small drawer or two. Many chests of drawers have lots of storage space, but can leave clothes wrinkled that should otherwise be hung up. Bedroom wardrobes are unique in that they can provide a wrinkle-free space for hanging up clothes that other bedroom furniture choices can't provide.

Many bedroom wardrobes are hybrids of chest of drawers and external closet space. When choosing a bedroom wardrobe, keep in mind you may need extra-long storage space for your special evening gowns or have a handy place for seasonal clothing so you don't have to go searching in your closet for your favourite autumn jumper or favourite spring rain jacket.

Take advantage of the many options the better wardrobes have, like pull out trouser rails, lights that come on when you open the wardrobe door, pull out shelves, which will enable you to use the full depth of your wardrobe. Most wardrobes are about 60cms deep, if the shelves are all fixed items can easily end up hidden at the back.

Drawers with compartments for socks, ties etc are also handy, as are pull down hanging rails, which will enable you to use the full height of your wardrobe for hanging, as the rail can be pulled down to your height using the attached handle whenever you want to get one of the items hanging on it. Clever little accessories like these will really make the difference between a wardrobe with maximum storage space one which isn't really being used to the fullest extent.

While shopping online or at a furniture retailer, write down your specific needs so that you have them ready; sometimes it easy to be overwhelmed by the beauty of a piece of bedroom furniture and forget you have specific storage needs! Make sure to measure the available space in your bedroom to find a perfect fit, and to keep in mind space to open and close the doors on your bedroom wardrobe. Don't forget to allow for skirting boards coving, allow 6 cms extra height, as wardrobes are assembled on the floor then pushed up, so need some extra room for clearance.

A good bedroom wardrobe should be like a tardis, compact on the outside, fantastically roomy on the inside, so plan carefully, make sure it fits. You'll be happy to have all this new space; make sure you have space for your new space!

All wardrobe modules with doors below come in 8 different widths 400,450,500,600,700,800,900,1000mm and can be put next to each other to form a straight run. Custom sizes upon request

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