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Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobe ideas 12 reasons why a walk-in is better

Superior walk-in wardrobes Designs

Bedroom furniture redefined and redesigned. Walk-in Wardrobe store provides the future for professional bedroom designers and the self build dressing room novice.

Explore herein the latest concepts in living the Walk in Wardrobe lifestyle that will change the way you store your clothes, while maximising your bedroom layout and overall property value.

Affordable Designer Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are stylish affordable and easy to install because of its easy to fix panels, modular configuration and concealed support mechanism. Designed to meet every budget and fit any room shape and size.

Extra sections or components can be added to at a later date If budget is limited at time of planning. for example .... a drawer unit or shelf may be added. Every walk in wardrobe is unique, fully adjustable and come with a large range of accessories.

Open plan wardrobe

Unlike built in wardrobes or fitted wardrobes that tend to close a room down and make it look smaller, the unique hanging system on the walk-in wardrobes makes it possible so that sides or end panels are not required, therefore opening up the bedroom and allowing more light and space to flow around making your dressing area easier to access and manage.

Partition and Screen your wardrobe

You can add sliding doors to your walk in wardrobes or a fixed parting screen to close or part close the walk-in wardrobe off from view with different types of glass doors and screen panels. A stud partition can also be use with the walk in wardrobe or closet to make more design layouts possible.

Tight spaces designs

Because no sides are required on the modular sections these walk in wardrobes can be installed near windows making more use of space not blocking the light or view. also when access to rooms in a house is tight the modular section make these walk-in wardrobes ideal for hard to reach areas, for example, a loft conversion or narrow stair ways.

Modular Wardrobes

Because of the modular make-up of the product these walk-in wardrobes can be install in hard to access places. They can be taken with you if you are moving house and reinstalled in your new home and if needed extra sections can be added. Walk in wardrobes are Strong The strength lays in the hi-grade box steel patent hanging system making the wardrobe 36mm shelves and aluminium hanging rails robust and solid.

Designer Dressing Tables

Add made to measure matching dressing table to complete the room

Nation wide installation

We supply and fit walk-in wardrobes nationwide we supply walk-in wardrobes from Birmingham to London and Scotland to Devon, request a 2013 brochure now!

Buying a walk-in wardrobe is easy,simply send us rough measurements and receive a draft 3D design, then together we will review it, make changes and then finalise the design for production.

All walk-in wardrobe modules below come in 6 different widths 500,600,700,800,900,1000,1100,1200mm and can be put next to each other to form a straight run, L-shape and U-shape layouts achieving the ultimate walk-in wardrobe designer dressing room.

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