Bedroom dressing tables modern contemporary design

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Bedroom Dressing Tables

Contemporary Bedroom dressing tables made to measure

"Depero", an Italian designer in the early 20th century championing modern design, especially through the art deco period, which is very much based on simple lines, squares and minimalism

Add a matching designer dressing table [photo above] to complete the bedroom experience and bring a touch of class to your bedroom.

Sizes (widths) available and prices:


Drawer Width-mm


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2 X 1000



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Contemporary dressing table finishes

Available in Oak, Chocolate Wood, Bleached Oak, Cherry, Matt Lacquer, Gloss Lacquer

The modern dressing table top, sides and base are chunky, 70mm thick.

Dressing table furniture handles

Well balanced and stylish high-grade aluminium handles that add the perfect touch and feel of quality of the contemporary dressing table furniture.

Reasons for having a Dressing Table

You might think that having a dressing table is just a luxury in life. You might think that you do not need to waste your money for a mirror, a table and a stool in one for your beauty routines. You might think that it can only add bulk to your room and will not benefit you in any way. You might think that dressing tables are of no practical use except for the fact that it adds color to your bedroom. Think again!

Yes, dressing tables can actually spice up your bedroom ambiance as any vanity dressing table can come in different styles. For instance, an antique dressing table can give your room a touch of tradition and culture. The classy effects of these antiques give an impression that you, as the owner of it, have a high standard of tang for furniture and fashion. White dressing tables can create a notion of cleanliness and purity and further enhances the glow of your bedroom.

But impression and notion is just besides the practicability of a dressing table. You can opt not to have a dressing table. It's a matter of choice. But come to think of these instances: where do you place all your beauty accessories like astringents, lotions, toners and make up kits? Where do you hang your necklaces and other fashion statements to create your overall ensemble? Where do you look at yourself for evaluation of your entire get up before you leave the house for work? Can you afford not to see yourself while doing your face and you would just be left satisfied with guessing how white or messed up your face has become?

A dressing table is everything about your convenience, comfort and organization for dressing up. Every woman should find it a need to have one dressing table because you value the way you project yourself to others. You would always want to assure yourself that you definitely look your best before going out. Dressing tables are especially made to ensure every woman with confidence and charm. Moreover, this furniture also helps you in organizing your things necessary for your daily beauty regimen. Having your things kept in the drawers of the table will save you from wasting your time finding them all over the bedroom or the house whenever you need them.

For organization and confidence purposes, dressing tables are always there for the woman who seeks to etch a mark in the labor arena and is a ideal addition to any Walk-in Wardrobe making for a complete dressing and storage room solution.

All walk-in wardrobe modules below come in 8 different widths 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200mm and can be put next to each other to form a straight run, L-shape and U-shape layouts achieving the ultimate walk-in wardrobe designer dressing room.

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